What is Baphy1428?

Baphy has been my online nickname for nearly a decade and many people IRL now call me that as well. ‘Baphy’ is shorthand for ‘Baphomet,’ a symbol of Satanism, which is the religion I follow. And no, I don’t worship the devil. I am of the atheistic variety of Satanist, a spiritual atheist, if you will. My religious/philosophical views are highly akin to Laveyan Satanism, but since there are core differences between myself and Anton Lavey, I do not claim his religion. One such detail being that I do not believe in cornering myself around mocking other religions, even the ones with which I disagree. Despite being a person who roots themselves in science, I do believe in the spiritual- angels, demons, ghosts, gods, etc. I fervently think that reincarnation is real and that nature should be respected and protected.

Baphomet (aka the Sabbatic Goat), for the record, has been attributed to other groups besides Satanic ones, including the Free Masons and Knights Templar. Simply explained, it is a supposed deity, symbolizing the equality of opposites (balance). For more in depth analysis, please refer to:

I didn’t originally have the numbers on my username, but added it later to better personalize and make it stand out. 1428 may look familiar to horror fans as it is the house number of none other than Freddy Krueger in the A Nightmare on Elm Street Saga. In addition, it is a math puzzle. 1 is half of 2, 4 is half of 8, and 14 is half of 28. And yes, I am a HUGE Freddy Krueger fan. I even run a fan page:
So that is where my penname comes from. I am an aspiring author. I do write a lot of fanfiction, but I also write original scifi, horror, fantasy, and erotica/romance, focusing on psychology, trauma/mental illness, varying ideologies, and the question of What really is good and evil? The biggest project thus far for me has been my Visitor’s Blood series, which is a science fiction, adventure, vampire/alien story. Check out the official page for the books where I share all updates, links, art, and more. The first 19 chapters of book 1 is currently able to read for free on both Quotev and Wattpad.
I am PTSD and Schizoaffective Disorder (Depressive) diagnosed. I do mental health vlogs on my life with these disorders as well as sharing my experiences with my plethora of other health issues caused by a genetic disorder called DKC including Aplastic Anemia, HPS, POTS, AVN, liver transplant, and more.

Other things you may or may not find interesting about me is that I have been a rat breeder for 5 years, have also bred hamsters, mice, and guinea pigs in the past. I’ve done a LOT of fostering and rescue work with animals of all kinds, namely cats, but also dogs, rodents, birds, and reptiles. 
I also make and collect dolls, mostly reborns, which I do plan on selling at some point. Just need a little more practice before I am comfortable… Here is a little guy I made recently.
I think that basically sums me up other than to say that I am polyamorous and pansexual. I live with my amazing wife of 8 years and I also have a male partner who prefers his privacy from online ordeals lol. I am part of the BDSM community and do amateur porn in my spare time. I’m very open, easy to talk to, and hard to offend, so please don’t hesitate to comment or send me a message. Here are a few of my more popular social links if you’d like to check them out. 





Email: baphy1428@yahoo.com



Thank you for reading! ^-^
~Sahreth Abaddon Bowden aka Baphy1428

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