I won our 8 year Anniversary

June 15th was my 8 year anniversary with my beautiful wife, Ariel. I’m only writing now because I wasn’t sure if we’d go out and do anything this week and have new photos. We didn’t end up doing anything so here’s my post.
Now the story is this: For the first about 4 years, I always forgot and she would be the one to wish me happy anniversary. We’ve never been big celebrators. I think more of that is because she doesn’t have good memories of holidays so she doesn’t really like to celebrate things so I kind of don’t worry too much about it. Anyway, that 4th or 5th year, we BOTH forgot until a couple months after the fact so since then, it’s been kind of a race to see who would beat the other to wishing ‘Happy Anniversary’ first. 
And this year, I won.
At about 3:30 in the morning, we were both laying in bed reading fanfiction on our phones and I looked at the time when it occurred to me that I had seen the date earlier that day and it was the 14th. So I double check and sure enough, it was now June 15th. So, I put my phone down and cuddled up next to her.
“Hey,” I grinned.
“Hey,” she mumbled, still focused on her story.
“Happy Anniversary,” I kissed her on the back of her shoulder where my head was resting.
“What?” her head jolts towards me, “It’s not…”
I laugh as she checks her calendar.
“It’s 3:30am! I’m tired; this doesn’t count,” Ariel pouts.
“I win,” I return smugly, kissing her cheek and giving a tight squeeze before settling back into my spot and waiting for her mind to catch up.
~Sahreth ‘Baphy’ Bowden

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