Taking my Therapist’s Advice; Writing Memories as Stories

I recently realized that it would be easier for me to write about and deal with memories, feelings, and other things I’m dealing with by writing them as if I was writing a story. My therapist said that instead of just talking about them or writing them in a journal, to set it up like I’m telling a story since my greatest passion is creative writing. The only difference is that I can only write true elements and not add anything fictional.
So far, it’s going well. It is a lot better than doing it the other way. Originally, I made a blog book on Wattpad, but decided I didn’t want to share that in my creative writing space. Therefore, you’ll be seeing posts here that look like short stories; these are actual things that have happened to me.
I do still like the cover I made for that blog book though lol. Looks cool, I think xD

Anyway, I’m sorry for the long span between posts here. I hit a pretty bad depressive spell. Please check next blog post for more info on that. Later!
~Sahreth ‘Baphy’ Bowden



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