Schizo Thoughts on "Where the Dead Go to Die" [VIDEO]

[VIDEO] Recently, a friend messaged me about this movie called ‘Where the Dead Go to Die.” The story was that the creators were on an acid trip or something while writing it. I’m still trying to find if that’s factual or not, but this was what my friend had heard lol.

Here’s the trailer:

It’s set up in three different stories, each one dealing with kids from the same block and a demonic dog that speaks to each of them. It isn’t really too clear in the beginning that this is what’s going on, but at the end of each story, the main characters end up in the same place: a sort of limbo that I’m assuming is ‘where the dead go to die.’ At the movie’s conclusion, you see that these stories are all intertwined. The man in story two is the one who has found a way to change the course of events by collecting memories that are dispersed after people pass away.

Now, I am having difficulty finding much from the creators on the actual meaning of the show, but my personal interpretation is that it could represent psychosis. The animation is intentionally cheap and distorted, giving a creepy feel of the melding between reality and delusion in a mentally ill patient. The stories themselves further portray this by interjecting the subtle shift between what is actually occurring and where the character’s minds are led astray to incredulous ideas which begin to guide their actions. They each end in the place where the dead go to die, in a final moment of clarity as to both sides of things.

Another thing I feel helps this theory is that scenes seemingly put in just for shock value, actually could be explained as those strange, stray thoughts that enter a psychotic person’s mind. It’s not like voices urging them to do something or their own desire to do these things, but rather ridiculous scenarios that pop into the brain and then are suddenly gone.

As a person with a psychotic disorder (schizoaffective), I feel I can better pick out such an underlying connection since I have been through these things…these thoughts and feelings. I wish to remind everyone that psychotic and psychopathic are two totally different things. Anyway, those are my thoughts.

If you wish to watch my video instead of reading, here it is:

~Sahreth ‘Baphy’ Bowden

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