[VIDEO] Hilarious Rat Likes Riding Around on My Head

I’ve kept rats about 8 years now and bred them for about 5. I used to breed hairless, dumbos, rexes, and standard fancies. I’ve been breeding a few litters recently because I’m wanting to get back into doing this. My wife and I love the little babies and love seeing people happy to get them as pets. 
Yes, a lot of them go to be food for reptiles which many people have a problem with, but let me tell you a secret…snakes have to eat too, and it’s more humane to feed live and also more humane to buy from private breeders, like myself, who treat each rat as a pet and not just product.
This little guy, who we’ve decided to keep, apparently loves just sitting on top of your head. He’ll sit there for hours if you’ll let him too, and even peed on my wife’s head the other day LMAO. It’s really common for rats to like to ride on your shoulder, but this is the first we’ve had that thoroughly enjoys sitting on heads. 
His name is Cabezo, named after the Spanish word for head (cabeza).
If you’d like to see more pictures and videos of rats, cats, dogs, etc, follow pit_and_the_pebble on Instagram. It’s our account for pets only and since we frequently do foster work and other things, there will be a lot of cute content for you.
~Sahreth ‘Baphy’ Bowden

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