My First Gay Pride!!!

Little Rock, AR

I’m pansexual (basically, I’m attracted to people regardless of sex, gender, identity, or orientation) and transgender (I was born female; I don’t advertise that I’m trans, but neither do I hide it) and yesterday was the first time I’ve ever been to an LGBT Pride event and guess what? I GOT TO HELP LEAD THE PARADE!

Central Arkansas Pride held their Pride is Power event yesterday and a friend of mine invited me, so of course, I went. This was the same friend who went with me to the Satanic Temple’s Rally for the First Amendment back in August; he’s one of the leading members of Arkansas Pagan Pride. This time, my wife came too and we both had a blast!

So besides getting to walk in the parade with the Arkansas Pagans group, I was actually at the very front of the parade carrying the first banner with a lovely person named Julie. After we reached the end, I walked all the way to the back of the parade to finish walking through with the group I was with lol. One woman on the side stopped me and was like ‘hold on…did you already come through?’ I was like ‘yeah’ and she said ‘Okay okay’ with a laugh. I’ll have at least a short video of it up on my Youtube soon!

I honestly almost cried. I was sitting in the audience during the drag performance (my first drag show too woooot) and had to choke back tears. There were a lot of moms there giving out ‘Proud Mom’ hugs and I had to hug every one that I saw. Each time, I was told ‘I’m proud of you’ or ‘I love you’ and…holy shit I’m crying now…

Anyway, one of the groups some of these moms were associated with is P.A.W.S (Parents and Allies Who Support). Their mission is to provide a safe space for discussion and networking for LGBTQ+ families. You can learn more about them on their website



my friends I met the day I started T

Other memorable details were the trio of guys in dog masks (I’m not sure if they were furries or not) who started woofing at me when I complimented their look; the multiple actual dogs that were led around the event including a Great Dane, tiny Pomeranian puppies, and a dog wearing a rainbow tutu; the dude’s day my wife probably saved by noticing the phone he dropped on the ground; and that I saw a couple friends I haven’t seen in over a year, just on random happenstance!

There was also an albino ball python named Faust attending, my wife bought some awesome hematite earrings, and the two of us have made plans to go as queer Baphomet and a queer fairy next year ^_^

~Sahreth ‘Baphy’ Bowden


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