Halloween Party!

We were invited last minute to a Halloween party hosted by the Hot Springs LGBT Alliance and it was fucking awesome! I wish our phone camera had worked properly though, because pretty much every picture blurred. I have GOT to buy a new camera soon! For those who don’t know, I’m obsessed with pictures lol.
I obviously went as Freddy Krueger and my wife actually didn’t have a costume so we kind of improvised. She put in her fangs and I fixed an old mask of hers, distressed some old clothes and added ‘blood.’ My thought was that she was a vampire that got in a fight with a wear wolf (I added bloody hand and claw marks), but she said she was one whose victims didn’t cooperate.
Anyway, we went out and did laundry and stopped by the thrift shop before meeting up with our friend for coffee at his place. He also borrowed my ram horns that I’d had for as long as that mask of Ariel’s; he looked friggin’ adorable. Since he was taking care of the bar, they called him the horny bartender at the party xD
We also made a new friend who does both Tarot and Oracle readings. Now, I’ve read Tarot in the past, but I’ve never let anyone read me before that night and to be perfectly honest…I was surprised with how good this guy is. You can contact him yourself at jnickerson1977@gmail.com
There was food which Ariel says was really good, but I didn’t eat. I did have a couple of drinks though! Then there was a silent raffle, a drag show, and dancing! This one woman, whose name I forget, went around photobombing people and pulling them onto the dance floor. A real party animal, that one lol. She actually danced with both me and my wife. Video to come soon to my Youtube channel, if it’s not already up πŸ˜‰
Let’s see…they also did a costume contest. Most everyone entered and the three finalists were this pimp guy, Mr. & Mrs. Satan, and the Old Fisherman (who had a great sense of human). The Fisherman won, but unfortunately, I didn’t catch a picture of him. There was also this guy dressed as a priest who kept getting dances and kisses from the drag queens. And can’t forget the sexy cop who arrested me!
Β  Β  Β  Β  Β  Β Β 


It was an awesome evening! Ariel kept going on about it in the ride home. Damn, we’ve done so much this year ^_^ Feels good, man. I’m glad that she’s finally starting to climb out of that depression. We have big plans for next year too. CAN’T WAIT! What did you guys do for Halloween?
~Sahreth ‘Baphy’ Bowden


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