Art Therapy; Regaining My Lost Passion

Thanks to my therapist, I have been getting back into art. Growing up, I was never creatively encouraged. I remember even in school when I was working on an art project my mom would erase what I had done and draw it herself to make sure it was done right. She never liked my dark/creepy style either.

This is why I have always tended to keep anything I did artistically to myself and ended up not really trying to learn techniques or better my art. I would often argue with my high school art teacher because the assignment would call for certain colors or materials, but I just would do everything in black pen/pencil. Even so, she still passed me and we’re friends to this day.

It wasn’t until recently that I actually started to put any thought or passion into artwork instead of just sketching an idea and throwing it away because I hated it. My therapist made an offhanded remark about a couple of doodles in my journal when I first started seeing her. She said I was creative. I shrugged it off, believing that she was just being nice. Trying to make me fell better, you know?

Over the months, she introduced me to oil pastels and told me to use them when I was feeling off or having trouble with emotions. She ended up using it to help me start overcoming a problem with tactile hypersensitivity that I sometimes have due to traumatic memories. This past month or so, however, I really started delving into different creative outlets besides my writing, which she has also always encouraged.

I’m enjoying it so much, it’s scary. The most incredible part is that I’m legitimately pleased with the outcome of a lot of the stuff I’ve been doing; actually considering keeping a couple of things instead of selling or giving away, which is something I’ve NEVER done. Even if it took a few days, I have always loathed what I’ve produced.

Both my wife and therapist have noticed a significant change since I’ve begun doing all of this too. Ariel says I’m more focused, not on the art, but everything in life in general. Not as absent-minded, I mean. I see my therapist every week and she has commented on how the art seems to be helping me ground and not disassociate so much.

Needless to say, I’m thrilled. I’m really fucking happy right now. Content. Any time you want to check out my art, you can click over to the ‘Art, Dolls‘ tab here on this site. OR you can visit my DeviantArtFacebook Art Page, or Etsy shop. Here’s a few things I’ve done most recently:


46496098_761658140859634_5374084198556499968_n (2)    47442888_2324236997650803_8423527209397911552_n



48362577_2034712266596450_8401052783704276992_n - Copy

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