I’m Officially Professional

I have been staying busy lately! I’ve finally got a date set for the launch party for the release of book one in my debut series “Visitor’s Blood.” It will be a public event at the local library with free food and free ebooks!

While I was booking the auditorium for that, the librarian told me they’re hosting a local author day in May so now I’m signed up for that too. Writers will be there selling and signing books. If you’d like to come to either of these, you can find more info in the Events tab.

The baphy1428.com domain is now officially owned by me and I also have business cards. Wooooot! Outside of that, wordrefiner.com is going to be hosting an online Q&A with me, which I’ll have more details on soon.

I have a few more chapters to finish writing in Visitor’s Blood Book Two (Borrowed Loyalty) and I have created the book cover for it as well. It will be published later this year. In addition, I’m on the second draft of my first paranormal/romance novel “To Hell and Back for You.” Read more about these stories in the Books tab.

Aaand of course, there is the ever present chore of rat breeding and keeping up with social media. This has become more difficult recently because I have discovered TikTok. LMAO It’s a fun time waster though!

tik tok logo_resources1

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