My Patreon has Launched!

I have been trying to decide for a while whether or not to create a Patreon, but I finally concluded it couldn’t hurt. For those who don’t know what this is, it’s basically a loyalty program where patrons gain special benefits for supporting a creator.

Personally, there are 4 tiers to mine:

  1. HellHound: pledge $1/month in exchange for weekly shoutouts on my social media accounts as well as monthly excerpts from current projects and first access to multi-chapter previews of upcoming novels PLUS additional free chapters available only to patrons when free public preview has launched.
  2. Cambion: pledge $5/month in exchange for HellHound privileges in addition to receiving all of my ebooks as they are published and a ‘one-time book bump’ which pushes your most recently published book to the top of my buy/read/review list. You will also be given my personal snapchat which has daily exclusive content. (I have traditionally used this as a sort of ‘helpline’ for those in mental/emotional crisis, offering a private safe space to chat with me as someone who has personal experience with mental illness and depression. You’re free to use it for this if you’d like.I am NOT a mental health professional and do NOT offer or suggest anything in place of psychiatric help.)
  3. Banshee: pledge $10/month in exchange for all HellHound & Cambion privileges in addition to having all of your books present and future bumped to the top of my buy/read/review list.
  4. Typon: pledge $25/month in exchange for all HellHound, Cambion, & Banshee privileges in addition to receiving signed paperbacks of all my books as they are published as well as other gifts sent monthly including buttons, jewelry, bookmarks, other promotional items, and even books by other indie authors.

In addition, for every patron or monetary goal I reach, I create even more content both public and patron-exclusive. My first goal is $100 at which point I will begin creating videos with writing, marketing, social media, and other tips/stories from personal experience.

So that is out there for anyone interested, but please do not feel obligated to use this service. I will still continue to provide you with the same, fairly priced or free content and services as I already do 🙂

To check it out, visit:

Must be 18 or older or have permission of your legal guardian. Tier benefits are subject to future changes, but those who are already patrons will NOT see a change in their benefits.

**Please Note: Typhon level patrons MUST have a US mailing address. For book privileges, your Amazon account must be designated to a country that does NOT block content from the US.**

~Sahreth ‘Baphy’ Bowden


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