New Mailing List for Special Deals & Announcements…

Through an indie author support group, I was recently advised to create a newsletter/mailing list which is finally set up! You can join by visiting the Contact tab and filling out the form at the bottom with your name, email, and ‘NEWSLETTER’ in the comment line like this:


(NOTE: text will appear as a very light gray color until you click out of the box, when it will turn red like in the example above.)

I know several of you are following or considering following this blog or my Amazon Author Profile in order to receive updates from me. Let me explain what the differences between these options are.

Follow blog: WordPress will send email updates when I publish a new blog post

Follow Amazon Author Profile: Amazon will send email updates when I publish a new ebook or paperback on their site

Follow Newsletter: I will send personally designed email updates for

  • when a new ebook, paperback, hardback, or audiobook is published
  • special discounts, sales, and other offers on my content
  • new author-related products available in my store (ie. signed books, buttons/jewelry, & other promotional items)
  • upcoming events that I am attending or hosting
  • my once-monthly indie book recommendations
  • Giveaways & Raffles


Newsletter emails are currently scheduled to go out no more than once weekly. If there is ever a change where they are sent more frequently, you will be notified and given the option to continue with weekly emails only. The newsletter is free and you can cancel your subscription at any time by replying to your initial confirmation email with ‘Please remove me from your mailing list’ or by contacting support.

**Your email and personal information will never be shared or sold**

Thank you so much for checking this out! I look forward to seeing you around 🙂

~Sahreth ‘Baphy’ Bowden

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