Advertise A Free Book

Free books are a great way to find new readers. It targets a larger audience than merely posting your book for sale and allows readers a no-consequence option to see if they enjoy your writing.

If you are offering a book for free, I’d love to share it here, on Twitter, & on Facebook. There is no cost for this service. Site post may contain multiple books.

Your book can be any length (novel, novella, short story, poem) and any genre (fiction, nonfiction, erotica, kids, graphic novel, etc) except for religious devotionals, religious texts, self-help, or instructional (ie cookbooks).

Here are the rules:

  • Must be an indie book (self-published or published with a small company)
  • Must be ABSOLUTELY free
    • No taxes, no handling fees, NOTHING
    • Kindle Unlimited does NOT count
    • Wattpad, Quotev, or other free-sharing sites do NOT count
    • If you are not gifting a book which is free to download & keep forever, it does NOT count.
  • Can be a permanently or temporarily free book
  • Must be free to everyone
    • not a ‘chance at winning’
    • not a ‘free IF-‘
      • ‘you follow’
      • ‘you subscribe’
      • ‘you join’
      • ‘you share’
      • etc
  • Can NOT promote any form of hate speech, bigotry, or illegal activity
    • This does not mean a fictional work in which these things are present
    • I reserve the right to deny anything I find questionable

What You Will Get:

  • An ad posted to this site
  • A tweet of your book
  • A Facebook post of your book
    (These will all be posted on the first day of your promotion)

Please fill out the form below. Be sure to include:

  • Whether it is a permanently free or temporarily free book
    • Include the dates of your promotion if temporary
  • Genre
  • Link to get book
  • Your Links (any or all)
    • Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube
    • Goodreads, AllAuthor
    • Amazon, Smashwords
    • Your Website or Blog