Allude vs Elude

—>Allude is a verb (word that relays an action) meaning ‘to indirectly suggest,’ ‘to call attention to,’ or ‘to hint at.’

Example: I mentioned his bad habits to allude to him being a bad father. The soldier alluded to his integrity by sharing a war story.

—>The noun (person, place, or thing) form of allude is allusion. It means ‘an expression designed to call something to mind without directly stating it’ or ‘an implied or indirect reference.’

Example: *see Allusion vs Illusion*

—>Elude is a verb (word that relays an action) meaning ‘to evade or escape from,’ ‘to fail to be grasped or remembered,’ or ‘fail to be attained.’

Examples: The fox eludes the hunter by burrowing underground. The deeper meaning of the story eluded most readers. Sleep eluded her for the third night in a row.

—>Common misuse in phrases:
It is ‘allude to the fact‘ not ‘elude to the fact.’