My name is Sahreth Bowden (Sŏh-rĕth or Sŭh-rĕth Bŏw-dĕn), but a lot of people have come to know me as Baphy (Bă-fee) which has been my username for years. Feel free to call me either.

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I’m a multi-genre author who has thus far written Science Fiction, Psychological Horror, and LGBT+ Paranormal Romance. I’m currently looking for representation for a Dark Fantasy series. My focus in writing is not genre, but rather social messages and character struggle. The majority of my work contains sensitive subjects so I offer specific content warnings at the bottom of the book summary.

This site is dedicated to reviewing indie (self-published) books, sharing free indie books, and spotlights for indie authors I highly recommend. I will also post an update here when I personally publish a new book, but if you’re looking to follow my journey specifically (including writing progress, events, & giveaways of my work), please click here to follow sahrethbaphybowden.com (domain pending). If you want the updates about indie book reviews, etc, please follow baphy1428.com. Or of course, you can follow both to get everything.

If you’re looking to get your book reviewed, advertise a free book, or contact me, click here.

I’ve recently partnered with Writer’s Egg Magazine to further distribute my book reviews in order to get these awesome indie authors the attention they deserve.


A little about me…

I was born and raised in a small Arkansas town and now live in a small Arkansas city with my amazing wife of 12 years. I much prefer little country places like this over the bustle of city life. I’m a huge animal lover. My wife and I have 5 cats, 2 rats, a dog, a ball python, a rabbit, and an opossum. They’re our family.

I won’t say I’m a goth, but I will say when you open my closet it looks like you’re staring into a void. My number one addiction is probably piercings. My life has been chock full of both physical and mental illness including severe, rare diseases which have nearly claimed my life on multiple occasions, as well as Schizoaffective Disorder and PTSD which have made Mental Health Awareness extremely important to me.

I advocate for mental health in order to erase the numerous negative and false stigmas regarding psychiatric illness and care. Hallucinatory Tribulation Vol. 1 is a collection of short psychological horror stories based on my experiences as a psychiatry patient. You can hear more about my experiences with mental health on my YouTube Channel.

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If you’d like to help me with my author journey and my mission to assist other indie authors, you can follow this blog (or my personal blog) follow me on social media (@baphy1428), share my content, or even donate or buy/share my books.

Please take a gander at the site.
Thank you and have a fantastic day!

~Sahreth ‘Baphy’ Bowden


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