Alot vs A Lot

—>Alot is not an officially recognized word even though its usage is common. Use at your own discretion. Alot has the same meaning as ‘a lot.’

—>‘A lot’ is the proper terminology. It is a phrase meaning ‘many,’ ‘several,’ or ‘numerous.’

Examples: A lot of us are going to the party. There were a lot of questions about the new law.

—>Lots is also commonly used to mean ‘many,’ ‘several,’ or ‘numerous.’

Examples: He has lots of toys. There are lots of ways to build a porch.

—>NOTE: Lot is also a noun (person, place, or thing) with several other meanings, including ‘a particular group, set, or collection of people or things.’

Examples: That lot is bad news because they’re all delinquents. Dirty clothes go in that lot.

OR ‘an article or set of articles for sale at auction.’

Examples: He was eager to bid on lot number six. Only three lots sold today.

OR ‘a plot of land or real estate.’

Examples: The lot across the street is for sale. We should build a parking lot for the store.

OR ‘a means of making a choice.’

Examples: Lots were drawn to determine who would do the dishes. The man was chosen for the job by lot.

—>You may also hear ‘Lot’ in terms of a Biblical character.