Hallucinatory Tribulation


Inspired by the author’s own struggles with mental illness, Hallucinatory Tribulation is an anthology of short horror stories which evolve around the mind, mental health, and the human experience. Although working to maintain a great semblance of realism when portraying mental disorders, these stories are fictional and written for entertainment purposes. They may contain extreme accounts of mental illness or simply be based upon the author’s own hallucinations or thoughts as a Schizoaffective and PTSD patient.


GENRE: Horror, Paranormal, Psychological, Short Story
RATING: Mature for Thematic Elements, Language, Violence
TRIGGERS: Self-harm; Mental Abuse; Physical abuse, Child Abuse; Schizophrenia; PTSD; Depression



See what people are saying about ‘Hallucinatory Tribulation’ Vol 1:

I am loving this Book. It has been a crazy ride for my brain. The author paints a wondrous and imaginative picture of psychology in ways I had never imagined. I have to read a story or two each night and take the time to let each story settle in my mind. Stunning work with unparalleled imagination. I will be reading more work by Sahreth ‘Baphy’ Bowden.” ~Daniel Forbes, author of ‘Yetti Boys’

I quite enjoyed this collection. To start with, the writing was clean and easy to read, and the stories were entertaining. Black and White, a story about a murderer on death’s row who may have had a very good reason for killing, House of Ages about a man who falls under the spell or curse of a witch (at least that’s how I would interpret it), and His Will, a story about a mourning mother, with an absolutely fantastic ending, were my favorites. His Will alone made this collection worth the purchase. ~Jacob Klop, author of ‘Crooked Souls,’ ‘The Community,’ and more