To Hell and Back for You


Carrying the memories of an abusive childhood home, Mark develops a habit which leads to grand delusions and the unintentional death of his romantic partner. Three years later, he has sobered, but guilt has left him bereft. When proof surfaces of the reality of those prior beliefs, this suicidal young man finds himself on a journey to recover his lover’s lost soul. But will dedication to fixing his past leave him without a future?

GENRE: Dark Paranormal Romance (Gay [cis] Male)
RATING: Mature for Thematic Elements, Sex, Violence, Language
TRIGGERS: Domestic Abuse; Self-harm; Suicidal Behavior; Substance Abuse

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See what people are saying about ‘To Hell and Back for You:’

“the ending is a doozy. I’m always intrigued by alternate endings, and this one was well done in that it was 100% one of those very similar except the character turned right instead of left, so what happened, sort of situations; and I really enjoyed that. Overall, it was a really entertaining read. I felt like I kept clicking the right arrow constantly what with clicking through the online book so quickly! Bowden is a descriptive author, which I love, so all the scenes were quite vivid.” ~Hannah Stewart, book reviewer at ‘A Little Bit of Happiness’

“Wow! The author knows how to get deep into a world of addiction, depression and all related. Wanting to get out of this pit of hell his character finds himself crushed into it’s absolutely well written. I wanted to read more. The story from Chapter 1 drives you into a discovery of one plot that is darkness supreme.” ~CD Baxter, author of the ‘Wyndermyre Family Diaries’ series