Borrowed Loyalty (Visitor’s Blood Two)



Where do your loyalties lie?

After being forced into hiding to protect their partners, Sulru and John must decide what course of action will get them back in proper standing with the rest of Galdelier. However, knowing the totalitarian government would rather end their existence, seeing them as a blight to the perfect society they have created, the two must face the very probable fact that they will never be reunited with their family.

Meanwhile, Malook and Connie are equally as desperate to save their friends and must also consider that they are lost forever…but when this outcome has become concrete, how will the widowers decide to move on together?

GENRE: Science Fiction, Social Fiction, Vampire, Alien, Adventure
RATING: Mature for Thematic Elements, Language, Violence, Sex
TRIGGER WARNING: Rape, Racism, Abortion

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See what people are saying about ‘Visitor’s Blood’ book 2:

So, after finishing book 1, I immediately jumped into book 2. I was not let down. The war between human and human/vampire continues and political intrigue abounds.This is another amazing story that I am quite intrigued with. I love Sci-Fi and I love Vampires. It’s a win-win combo that keeps me turning the pages. Kudos to the author!” ~Nick Braker, author of the ‘Essence Chronicles’

“If you enjoyed the first book, you’ll love the second. An enjoyable book from beginning to end. While it does fall into the middle book syndrome (being a continuation of the first book, and a lead up to the final book), it doesn’t take anything away from the characters or the world. I seriously cannot wait until the final book comes out.” ~Quinn Buckland, author of ‘Fallen Gods’ and ‘The 1099th’