Lightning Fast Reviews

Option 1:

If you read one of my books and post a review to Amazon and/or Goodreads, send me a screen cap and a link to your book. I will have the reviews out within the week. If you post to both sites, I will give you an extra tweet and create a blog post on this site, promoting you as an author. I have books of different genres priced from $0 up to $2.99. Attempting to claim another’s review will result in a permanent ban.

Option 2:

For $10 plus the price of your book, I will purchase and read immediately, and post reviews within the week. Message me your information and that you wish to use this option and I will send you my PayPal address.

NOTE: You are NOT purchasing a review. You are purchasing an immediate spot on my reading list. Paying for this spot will not influence the quality of your review, positively or negatively. It only means I will read your book immediately, meaning reviews will be posted within the week.

Option 3:

If your book is not yet available, but on pre-order or scheduled for publication and you want reviews within the week it is published, you can use either of the two options above. Send payment or screen cap of your review of my book, date your book will be published, link to your pre-order and I will mark my calendar to begin reading your book as soon as it is out.