Lightning Fast Reviews

How to get a lightning fast review:

If you are unhappy with how long it is taking to get your review, you can read one of my books and post a review to Amazon and/or Goodreads. If you post to both sites, I will give you an extra tweet and create a blog post on this site, promoting you as an author.

Submit the form or email me to verify that you have posted a review (review must be live at time of submission; Amazon reviews take 2 days to process, for your reference) and send me your book link. I will begin reading immediately. You will have your reviews within the week and Twitter/FB posts up within 2 weeks.

Here are my currently available books, ranked by ebook permanent price. All my books are always FREE to Kindle Unlimited users and I often run FREE sales on all books. If you’d like to know when these promos run, inquire in the submission form. I favor reviews over making money and I understand that times are tough.
$0.00 Visitor’s Blood: Book 1
$0.99 Hallucinatory Tribulation
$2.99 Borrowed Loyalty: Visitor’s Blood Book 2
$2.99 To Hell and Back for You