What to Expect

What to expect after submitting your book via email/submission form:

  • A Confirmation Email
    • Within 24 hours, I’ll send you an email accepting (or denying, which happens rarely) your submission and letting you know when I’ll get started on it. If you don’t receive one, please resend your message.
    • Do NOT email/message me afterward reminding me to review your book or asking where your book review is. I will email you once the reviews are up/scheduled and the tweets have all been scheduled.
    • You may continue to message me to address other questions/concerns.
  • Goodreads & Amazon Reviews
    • Goodreads reviews are always the first to go up. If you do not have a a profile or book page set up on their site, please do so before emailing me. If you email me without having this set up, I will simply neglect posting a review on Goodreads, but still post on baphy1428.com and Amazon.
    • Within a few days after the Goodreads review is posted, the Amazon review will be up. Amazon takes a few days because they have a processing time where they judge the legitimacy of the review (ie. not spam or bot).
    • Both the Goodreads & Amazon review will say the same thing.
  • baphy1428.com Review
    • The review on my site is the last to be posted. I schedule 1-2 book reviews per day here, depending on how much I’ve been reading. You can look at past book reviews to see an example of what your review will look like.
  • Tweets & Facebook
    • I schedule 3 tweets per book that I review. The first two are an #amreading tweet and a just finished tweet. Both will tag you, link your book on Amazon, and hashtag a relevant genre. The third tweet will share my full #bookreview from baphy1428.com.
    • I only schedule 2 tweets per day and 1 tweet per book per day. This is to help maximize engagement on both your book and my profile. This means that Goodreads, Amazon, and even baphy1428.com reviews come out well before I actually start tweeting about your book.
    • I will also schedule 1 Facebook post for your book that shares the full book review and tags you (if you have a Facebook page). Whether you have a page or not, I will still make this post.
  • Return Email
    • At this point when everything is up and/or scheduled, I will send you an email letting you know the dates everything is scheduled for as well as alerting you to what’s already been posted.