A Nice Surprise from an Author I Follow


Today, while waiting in the lobby to see my therapist, I checked my Wattpad notifications and had a nice little surprise. ^-^ For those who don’t know, there is an option to ‘dedicate’ chapters in your book to other users. I read this today:




I was so fucking thrilled! Anime_Kitty writes a lot of gay romance stories. I’m currently reading two: The Hopeless Ones and Cupcakes to Kill For. Both of them are really good, very well written, thought out, and developed. I’m honestly sure, if she decided to pursue it, she could easily find her books mass-produced and sold in book stores.


The Hopeless Ones follows Kazimere, a young man who I gather by the description is pansexual (though at least bi), an artist, and a cocaine addict. He lives in a town ravaged by gang violence and drugs and ends up in the midst of two warring groups: The Voiceless Rebels and The Black Vipers. Kaz soon finds himself the interest of one of the gang’s leaders, whose sadistic personality greatly contrasts our protagonist’s loving, passive nature.



You guys should totally check it and her other stories out, if you’re into that sort of thing. Anime_Kitty has stated that this particular story is a bit darker than her usual, so far warning that if you want something a bit lighter, you may want to check out Cupcakes to Kill For, which involves a young gay man who falls in love with a mysterious stranger in the midst of solving a loved one’s puzzling murder.


Either way, go give her some love; she deserves it!


~Sahreth ‘Baphy’ Bowden



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