Book Review Bump

My book reviews are FREE!

However, that means I have a long list of books to buy, read, and review. Currently, it is over 150 indie novels, novellas, and anthologies. You can always submit your book for review here and wait for your turn, but if you’re looking to get a review within a prompt time period, you can purchase a ‘book bump.’

Book bump pushes your story to the top of my list!

You can purchase as many as you want. Each bump costs $10 and includes an on-site review as well as reviews on Goodreads, Amazon, and anywhere else you’d like one left. After I have posted these reviews, I will share my site review on Twitter (1k followers), Facebook (1.3k followers), and Instagram (820 followers). My site has 61 followers.

In addition, you have the chance to be personally recommended by me in groups, conversations, and through my newsletter or have your book promoted through my upcoming giveaways. You also may gain a new lifetime follower (me) on your social media and Amazon author accounts.

I will also make additional tweets and posts about what I am reading and when I am finished with links to you and your book.

Your book MUST cost less than $5 and be available in the Kindle store.

I use the $10 fee to buy your ebook so for it to be cost efficient, your book must cost less than $5. If it is more, the difference will be added to the $10 fee. Adversely, you can mail me a physical copy of your book to review. I ONLY accept physical copies from those who have purchased a book bump. You are responsible for book and shipping costs, but through this option, the cost of the book bump will be decreased to $5.

When can I expect my reviews?

Unless otherwise specified during purchase, I will have your book read and reviewed within a week of receiving it. I immediately buy Kindle books when a purchase has been made. You will be tagged in social media posts

What do you read?

Everything. I will literally read anything. Short story, novella, anthology, novel… Scifi, horror, thriller, romance… adult, YA, or children’s… Dark or lighthearted… I’ll even read religious fiction/nonfiction and other nonfiction works. You will NOT be judged based on my personal beliefs and preferences. I maintain an unbiased opinion of works when reviewing/promoting.

Am I guaranteed a positive review?

No. However, I will not post a bad review (3 stars or less) without first speaking to you. You will have the option to have me neglect posting the review, if you wish. I can also tell you (kindly) what kept you from getting a positive review. If it’s something as simple as grammatical errors, I will offer to post the better review if you have assured the errors have been fixed. I will mention in my site review that there were errors that have since been corrected by the author.

How do you accept payment?

PayPal. After speaking with me through the contact form below, your final price will be given along with the address to which to send funds.