Book Reviewers

Of course you already know that I do free book reviews, but here are some other book reviewers who read indie work. I’ve included price, where they post to, and what other services they may offer. If you intend to use their services, please be sure to give their site and/or profile a follow.

Keep checking in because I will be adding more reviewers to the list as I find them.

DISCLAIMER: None of the following reviewers are affiliated with me or, even though I have vetted them and may have used their services.



Word Refiner, Mark Schultz
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Accepted Genres: All
Does NOT Accept: Graphic Sexual Scenes
Reviews on: blog, Amazon, Goodreads, Twitter
Cost: $40
Wait Time: Weeks-months; Speak to Reviewer

Mark is an amazing member of the writing community who I highly recommend. His promotion packages include reviews, author interviews, & week-long promotion on his Twitter. He’s also a proofreader/editor. His sites have a pretty good reach making his prices fair & well worth it, in my opinion. When I have gone through Mark, I’ve seen a good boost in my book’s sales & traffic.



Hannah Stewart, A Little Bit of Happiness


Accepted Genres:
May Accept: Any Genre (please inquire)
Reviews on: blog, Twitter, YouTube
Cost: $0
Wait Time: Varies. Be patient for free services.

Hannah is currently accepting review requests. She has reviewed a dark paranormal (gay) romance of mine and I was thrilled with the transaction. Hannah was very kind and open-minded as well as thorough in her reviews both on her site and on YouTube.


Rosie Amber


Accepted Genres:
Reviews on: blog(s), Amazon, Goodreads, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram
Cost: digital copy of book (MOBI preferred)
Wait Time: (see note below)

Rosie Amber allows you to submit a book specifically to the site owner OR to the site’s team of up to 25 reviewers. While you can submit any genre for consideration to the review team, note that Rosie has more specific genre preferences (see site) and also a longer wait time. If chosen by one of the review team, approximate wait is one month. Reviewer will post to the above listed sites, including the Rosie Amber site and possibly a second blog or bookbub if the team reviewer has one. Submission does not guarantee acceptance. Please refer to submission guidelines for appropriate submission format.



Quinn Buckland
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Accepted Genres: All
Reviews on: blog, Amazon, Goodreads, Youtube, Twitter
Cost: $0
Wait Time: requests closed until June 1st, 2021

Quinn’s reviews are extremely thorough and honest. His favored genre is science fiction, but he reads a wide range of stories. He has reviewed two of my books, beta-read one, and is always kind yet constructive.



Delaney MacDonald, Book Lovers Lifting and Crushing
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Accepted Genres: Young Adult Fiction; Middle Grade Fiction; New Adult Fiction
May Accept: Adult Fiction
Does NOT Accept: Erotica
Reviews on: blog, Goodreads
Cost: $15 + free digital or print copy of book (few exceptions)

Wait Time: Varies. Please inquire.

Delaney focuses on young adult material. This includes reviewing books aimed at a young adult audience as well as assisting authors between the ages of 12 and 19 with publishing and representation.



Grumpy Old Man Book Reviews

Accepted Genres: Crime Fiction; Historical Fiction; Welsh Interest; Political Thriller
May Accept: Autobiography; Science Fiction
Does NOT Accept: Romance; Horror
Reviews on:
Cost: Free Copy of Book + $0
Reading Speed: 1 book per week tops; Be patient for free services.