Visitor’s Blood

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When an alien craft lands on planet Earth, Major John and Dr. Connie Shinn are eager to learn about its all-too-human passengers. However, when the peaceful aliens are forced into further compliance, the Earthlings are thrown into an unimaginable battle against one of the passengers…a vampire.

Unwittingly, the couple find themselves aboard the spaceship with its captain, Malook, and his vampiric companion, Sulru, as they head for Galdelier where they find the beautiful foreign world on the brink of civil war between the ruling humans and the malcontent vampires, strained under decades of subjugation. But amidst struggle, the lines between friend and foe can be easily turned askew. When you begin to question everything you once thought was noble or evil, where will you find your loyalties lie?

GENRE: Science Fiction, Social Fiction, Vampire, Alien, Adventure
RATING: Mature for Thematic Elements, Sex, Language, Violence
TRIGGERS: Rape, Racism, Miscarriage

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See what people are saying about ‘Visitor’s Blood’ book 1:

“VISITOR’S BLOOD by Sahreth “Baphy” Bowden is an extraordinary read — I give it 5 stars. It hooks you from the start with a Roswell-esque UFO landing. In a mesmerizing twist on first contact, Bowden sparks an epic saga with aliens, vampires, and space opera.” ~Halo Scot, author of ‘Edge of the Breach’

“…the telling of the events is riveting and the author pulls you in deeper and deeper. I quickly became engrossed and looked for ways to continue reading (actually listening as I use Alexa to read the story to me) during my day. This book is longer than most but it never really lost my attention. ~Nick Braker, author of the ‘Essence Chronicles’

This was an interesting read. It’s a book written from multiple points of view and the plot is fast-paced to keep you turning the pages. What I really liked was the realistic portrayal of the characters and the great thing is it really shows the inequality of the human race by portraying the alien vampire race as being egalitarian. ~Quinn Buckland, author of ‘Fallen Gods’ and ‘The 1099th’

“Sci-fi is my favorite genre and this hits my favorites in many ways! … Sahreth’s world building is quite good, he delivers just enough for everything to make sense. I like how he incorporates so many different aspects right down to architecture and food.” ~Mark Schultz, professional proofreader/editor