Helpful Info for Authors

BOOK REVIEWER LIST (this section is live, but will continue to have more reviewers added)

I’m putting together this section of information for new and self-published authors. This will include a wide variety of helpful things such as

  • lists of book reviewers who read indie work (many at zero cost)
  • grammar/spelling lessons (such as how to tell the difference between commonly confused words)
  • step-by-step instructions on how to self-publish a book
    • including how to list it on various book sites (such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble, BAM)
  • tips on marketing
  • useful yet affordable software (such as document and photo editors)
  • how to create covers
  • how to format ebooks
  • lists of both affordable and reputable proofreaders, editors, cover artists, sensitivity readers, etc
  • lists of literary agents
  • lists of publishers who accept manuscripts (unsolicited or otherwise)
  • how to write a query and how to query publishers or agents
  • legal information regarding rights to images, manuscripts, using quotes or references to brands in your work, etc
  • lists of reputable writing contests
  • lists of magazines, anthologies, etc who accept submissions

I’m going to be frequently updating this section, both on the whole and individual parts that have already been published, so please keep an eye on it. I’ll also be making blog posts to alert followers of when I’ve added or updated information here. You can follow this blog by entering your email at the bottom of the page (or via your WordPress account). If you have any suggestions on what to add, please feel free to email me at