“Reflected: The Coverton Chronicles Book 1” by Ariz Brune — BOOK REVIEW

About “Reflected: The Coverton Chronicles Book 1” by Ariz Brune::

“As a Reflector, Lyssandra knows there are more supernaturals than her and her small circle of family and friends. As a lab tech at BioTech ChemLabs, the largest bio-engineering company in the area, she has met and worked with every kind of supernatural. Or so she thought.

When Lyssi comes home from work to find her best friend and roommate kidnapped, she learns what she thought is not what it seems. Her best friend Mila kept secrets, endangering them all. BTCL is not the company she thought it to be.

‘Work, eat, sleep, repeat’ will no longer be her life mantra as she and her friends fight to uncover the truth. With an angry vampire, hired shifters, and other supernaturals trying to stop them, searching for the truth could kill them all.”


Another author who I met at the library’s Local Author Day here in Arkansas, Mrs. Ariz actually turned out to be a friend of a good friend of mine. As is with most situations like this, I was afraid that although being friendly and having amazing cover art, that I wouldn’t actually like the story and have to post a less than positive review. I was beyond pleased to actually read the book and be super impressed.

Not only was it well-written grammatically with a good range of vocabulary, the action and ‘teaching moments’ are perfectly spaced so that there are never dull moments that feel like all that is happening is someone chatting, which I, myself, struggle with as do many other writers. As well, it has a great balance of action, tragedy, romance, and humor, all delivered within an enthralling magical world with a real and relatable main character.

There are ‘shifters’ which basically equate to ‘animorphs’ or ‘weres’ and include animals such as coyotes, salamandars, jaguars, and yes, even wolves, the latter of whom have their own unique culture and limitations separate from others of the shifter species. There’s vampires and goddesses, humans and elementals, and even new races such as reflectors who can achieve mimicry of other supernatural beings, and blands who can dull supernatural talents.

Every species is set with certain powers and limitations, much befitting actual life and therefore adding to the immersive effect. Furthermore, each character is developed with their own unique experiences and traits that hinder or add to their impact on the story and those around them. The book largely follows Lyssi, a reflector who works as a lab technician in a research facility, later found to be owned by a group who conduct horrid experiments on unwilling subjects.

Throughout the story, the reader is drawn into this woman’s inner turmoil as she learns the hard way that in order to keep her friends and family safe, she must train tirelessly at strengthening both her physical body and her emotional mind. I would a hundred percent recommend Reflected to any young adult or adult who loves fantasy, magic, and/or adventure in any regard.

You can purchase the ebook here: https://amzn.to/2MdPerw
or the paperback here: https://amzn.to/2YKc62S

Also find Ariz Brune’s other work and follow her profile to receive email notifications when she publishes new stories here: https://amzn.to/30zWr8p

Ariz Brune can also be found on:
Twitter: @ArizBrune
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Author.ArizBrune/
Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/18169967.Ariz_Brune
and her personal website: arizbrune.wixsite.com/arizbrune


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~Sahreth ‘Baphy’ Bowden


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