“Indravati” by Doug Weldon —BOOK REVIEW

About Indravati by Doug Weldon::

“A fatal accident leaves Gideon Serrano to assume command of the freighter, Indravati. When questions arise surrounding the accident, Serrano embarks on an unsanctioned search for answers which takes them deep into reaches of space where human presence is unwanted and unwelcome, throwing his career away for answers that may be impossible to obtain. Struggling with doubts of his own readiness to command, he must also deal with a first mate who may have ideas of mutiny.

Dylan Miller is a young greenhorn who too often finds himself on a damage control team, sweating inside a musty pressure suit, hoping death is not breathing over his shoulder. He’s been lucky, so far. Others call him a hero. Can he live up to their expectations and not make a mistake which might doom them all?

As a wary peace unravels along an alien border, fleets of warships gather on both sides. Caught in the middle, the crew of the Indravati struggles to find the relation between recent events and the one man who may be behind it all, a saboteur and murderer. Gideon Serrano must face his own blinding obsession to find this man, and try not to make a decision which might unknowingly plunge the human race into an alien war.”


The author does an amazing job of detailing life not only aboard the starship Indravati, but life of all the characters and the universe in general. There are many interesting facets to the worlds which everyone comes from. Even Earth, having coming to a much more severe state than we know it today, holds interesting lore. I find it intriguing how it’s not a world anyone is generally proud to come from.

Every character is well developed. The reader is treated to both relatable and new situations as the emotions, desires, and trauma of each person is experienced, not simply presented. In addition, character interactions are interesting and even endearing. I thought the bit about the nicknames was both comical and lovable.

As the story unravels, we’re drawn into multiple terrible scenarios that claim not only lives, but creates damage to the ship and the characters’ minds. It’s up to this collection of space workers to find out who and what is causing so much turmoil…and why. I hundred percent recommend this story to any fan of science fiction or adventure.

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~Sahreth ‘Baphy’ Bowden


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