‘Mister Mottley Gets His Man’ by Ellen Seltz —BOOK REVIEW

About ‘Mister Mottley Gets His Man’ by Ellen Seltz:

“Fast cars, hot jazz, and the dreadful misuse of truth serum.

Aristocratic sleuth Edmund Mottley is a lovable eccentric with a nose for murder. He works alone and likes it that way.

Disgraced valet Aloysius Baker is desperate for a job, and Mottley is his only option whether he likes it or not.

When a terrified client begs for protection, his knotty problem spins into a laugh-out-loud adventure that forces Mottley and Baker into an unlikely detective duo.

Mister Mottley Gets His Man is a classic English whodunnit with droll humour and unforgettable characters. If you enjoy Agatha Christie’s puzzling plots or P.G. Wodehouse’s refined silliness, you will love this debut in the Mottley Cozy Mystery Series.”


This is the most wholesome story I have read in a while. That’s not to say there’s not plenty of action and intrigue, but I love the classic cozy mystery style which Ellen Seltz seems to excel at. I felt like I was back in school, reading one of the numerous famed whodunnit series that lined my Mammaw’s shelves.

Mister Mottley Gets His Man is not only expertly written in terms of genre and grammar, but in a way which makes it uniquely endearing. Mottley and the man who he reluctantly keeps as his right hand, are both charming in their own clever ways. In fact, all the characters are properly developed, giving the story a deep sense of realism that really builds the atmosphere and draws the reader into their world.

Unfortunately, since this is a mystery, there’s not much more I can say without giving away clues and spoiling the book. However, if you’re into mysteries, adventure, and all around charmingly classic tales, this story is definitely for you. From what I understand, this is the first installment in a series of Mottley Mysteries.

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You can find the author, Ellen Seltz, on:
Twitter @EllenSeltz
Facebook @EllenSetzAuthor


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~Sahreth ‘Baphy’ Bowden


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