‘Satanic Serial Killer’ by Tim Miller —BOOK REVIEW

About ‘Satanic Serial Killer’ by Tim Miller::

“Dominic Denver wasn’t right in the head. As a narcissistic sociopath, he wanted to live forever but just couldn’t imagine the world going on without him. Dominic makes a deal with the Devil for immortality.

Except, the deal involves the spilling of blood. Dominic accepts the deal and gleefully claims dozens of victims. When he’s finally arrested and put to death, his reign of terror finally comes to an end. Or does it?”


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Having read some of his other work, I know I needed to include at least one of Tim Miller’s books on my list of spooky reads for October. Satanic Serial Killer did not disappoint! Now, as an (atheistic) Satanist myself, I must place my obligatory warning that the majority of Satanists are just your average people, no more violent or dangerous than the rest of the population, and remind everyone this is a work of horror fiction meant to unsettle its audience.

It follows a devil worshiper (theistic Satanist) who is desperately trying to earn eternal life through deals with Lucifer. Dominic agrees to kill people in the most painful ways he can, but when he chooses Mandy, the bar tender at a local strip club, as his next target, she gives him much more than a fight that lands him on death row.

The rest of the story is a gruesome struggle as Mandy and her friends do their best to conquer a now unimaginably powerful and angry foe. Living up to everything I’ve heard about his hardcore horror stories, Tim Miller brings bloody inventive deaths and fights in Satanic Serial Killer.

But the book has much more to offer than just gore. Characters are interesting, the plot is well developed, and there is relatable humor too. I love the paranormal turns in the story and also the fact that the story accurately portrays character responses. Know how you always yell at the screen for people in horror movies to do or not do something? This book is as if they had the same thoughts and aren’t complete idiots.

You can buy the paperback or ebook here.

Tim Miller can be found on:
Twitter @TimMillerHorror
Facebook @HorrorAuthorTim


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~Sahreth ‘Baphy’ Bowden


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