“Lust: Dark Erotica (7 Deadly Sins Series Book 1)” by Leigh Savage —BOOK REVIEW

About “Lust” by Leigh Savage::

“Normal sex will no longer get Alison off she has to be challenged and she doesn’t care who she hurts in the process; as long as she reaches her orgasm. Feelings of satisfaction are fleeting leaving her to always want more and searching for her next target.
Dominicus knew from the moment he laid eyes on Alison that she was different than the rest of his pets. Her eyes radiated with Lust and just maybe she would be the one he’d been searching for that would be able to handle the real him, all of him.”


If you’re looking for a quickie, “Lust” just might be the fix for you.

Having come to a point in her life where her sexual desires are never fully satiated, we find Alison tempting others into an incredible night with the understanding that it’s a one time deal. On her quest to finally appease her lust, she comes across Dominicus, a man with similar rules.

Even though she is warned that fucking him more than once comes with consequences, Alison cannot resist the man’s appeal. At last she has found someone who can satisfy her needs, but will what Dominicus does next actually be too much?

Since it is a quick story, I can’t say too much more without ruining it. I will say that the mix of erotica, mystery, horror, and the supernatural is excellent. There are some grammatical errors, but overall it’s an interesting and sexy read.

You can buy the ebook here.

You can find Leigh Savage on:
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~Sahreth ‘Baphy’ Bowden


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