“Campfire Chronicles” by Patty Hillingdon —BOOK REVIEW

About “Campfire Chronicles” by Patty Hillingdon::

Meet Felicity, a 30-year-old writer, LA native, and self-proclaimed “kinky submissive slut.” Felicity has a new Dominant boo, Jax. He’s coaxing her out of her city-slicker comfort zone and into his rugged terrain of camping and nature survival. Reluctantly, she follows his lead as he takes her through a series of sexy, romantic, and intimate trust exercises that bring this submissive slut to her knees, literally.

Read how Felicity finally lowers her steel-armored guard and starts learning to trust in her sexy campfire adventure with Jax. But the campfire isn’t the only heat in this steamy short story that you won’t want to put down until the smoking hot end.”


This well-written erotica is a short story about one woman’s venture from vanilla relationships into BDSM territory. Felicity decides after a five year relationship with her gentle dom that she wants to explore more aggressive sexual fetishes. The two part on good terms and she soon finds herself involved with an incredibly handsome dom named Jax who takes her for an exciting camping adventure.

Overall, the BDSM is tame, but that’s to be expected for newcomers and isn’t in any way a less valid form of sexual interest. The story itself is an accurate portrayal of BDSM practice unlike some authors write (I’m looking at you E.L. James) and is a nice steamy tale. Bondage, oral, vaginal, blindfolds, slapping, multiple orgasms, public sex, DaddyDom, & dirty talk.

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Twitter @MochaCravings
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~Sahreth ‘Baphy’ Bowden


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