“Lingeria” by Daniel Kozuh —BOOK REVIEW

About “Lingeria” by Daniel Kozuh::

“LINGERIA: A wondrous world of centaurs, goblins, elves, knights, bounty hunters, giant centipedes, angry bookies, four-armed Yetis, and a single wizard. There is just one problem – Lingeria shouldn’t exist. It is the product of acclaimed, and depressed, author Norman Halliday

So, how did Norman come to be sleeping on the couch of one of his fiction characters? And why are Norman’s novels revered as Lingerian scripture? Also, why does all of Lingeria believe Norman to be God? Actually, a better question is … Who s this cruel wizard, about whom Norman never wrote, that seized power over the land? But first we should probably do something about the giant black cloud that sucks the life out of everything it passes over.

Okay, so there is more than one problem.

Joining Norman to untangle the mess that Lingeria has become is a lonely runt named Roe; Tahra, a mood mercenary; an anonymous goblin, and a blind librarian. With heroes like these, stopping Lingeria from being wiped out of existence should be as easy as fighting a hairless sewer ape.”


**No Spoilers**

This book takes the common fantasy of writers and readers to disappear into the world of their book and gives it a unique twist. At the end of his rope, Norman attempts suicide to find himself not at the gates of Hell, but in the land of Lingeria, the place where most of the novels he’s written takes place.

Now this would seem a fantastic reprieve if it weren’t for the fact that this creation of his is what had him depressed in the first place. Despite Norman’s desire to focus on writing content other than that of Lingeria, immense pressure from fans and his bosses kept him pushing out volume after volume depicting the characters of the Lingeria universe until he grew to hate it and himself.

The first person he meets is Roe, a side character destined to always accompany others on their quests yet never be the main focus. Roe hails him as “The Author” (basically the god of their world) and reveals that it was Wrence the Wizard who imparted the historic volumes (Norman’s books) to them and claims to be sent from The Author himself.

The problem with that is Norman HATES wizards so they were never a part of his writing. The stories behind this loathing of magic is humorous and somehow a bit sad, but I’ll let you read that for yourself.

So Norman and Roe set off on an adventure to confront Wrence and find out exactly what the hell is going on. Along the way, they meet several other characters only to find they aren’t exactly how Norman has written them. My favorite has to be Tahra.

After the ‘Volumes’ were presented to Lingeria, she begins to despise The Author, blaming him for all the tragedy that has befallen her as well as what she views as her inherent flaws. Norman tries to tell her about how many young girls and women from his reality look up to her, but this does little to make her feel better.

The entire tale is very cleverly written. The characters are well developed and the plot is well thought out. There’s humor, action, adventure, fantasy, and even uplifting and philosophical moments.

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~Sahreth ‘Baphy’ Bowden


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