“Reluctant Hearts” by Skye Kelrose —BOOK REVIEW

About “Reluctant Hearts” by Skye Kelrose::

Genre: romance, historical fiction

“A Clean Regency Romance
Adrian Channon, the young Duke of Havendale’s life was permanently altered by a storm that claimed the life of his wife, leaving him to raise their son, Sterling, alone. Determined to do what’s best for his son, Adrian pushes away the hurt and anguish… and the memories of his wife.
Four years after the incident, a young woman shows up at the manor to be Sterling’s new Nanny and instantly catches the attention of the former nanny, Mrs. Applegate who thinks there’s more to the young woman than meets the eye.
Experience the love, hurt, comfort and confusion as Adrian fights to keep his world together. As Paige tries to deny her draw towards the young, hurting duke. And as Sterling tries to push his father and new nanny together for the sake of seeing his father happy!”


With a simple and straightforward writing style, “Reluctant Hearts” is a charming tale of romance and overcoming tragedy. The setup seems typical, but the histories, emotions, and twists that it throws at the reader reveal a creative plot.

Paige, a young peasant woman, is seeking a change to her life and finds herself drawn to Havendale. There she given an interview to be the nanny of Duke Channon’s four year old son, Sterling. Surprisingly to all involved, the boy immediately takes to Paige unlike he has ever done to anyone else.

Through her new job, Paige comes to realize the Duke’s immense love for his son. While blocking out the memory of his wife who was lost at sea, he greets everyone with a stoic face. He lives absolutely for Sterling alone, the only person who brings him true happiness…until he meets Paige.

During her days at the castle, Paige begins to uncover the grim nature of the Duke’s reluctance. She begins to fall for him and his son, only to be continuously reminded of their social statuses and how they could never be together. When he’s engaged to a wealthy Lady, will Paige be able to uncover the terrible mystery that surrounds the family in time to save him from marriage to a woman he doesn’t love?

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Skye Kelrose can be found on:
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~Sahreth ‘Baphy’ Bowden


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