“Capfield: The Racketeer” by E.P. Spiegel —BOOK REVIEW

About “Capfield: The Racketeer” by E.P. Spiegel::

Genre: Young Adult, Mystery/Suspense, Crime, Adventure

Deep in the desert, crime reigns. Cage is on the run, and his revenge-seeking son isn’t about to let him get away again. An unlikely group of misfits begin the hunt, but there is only one thing that comes from tracking a killer: disaster and danger beyond comprehension. Join them.

Capfield – The Racketeer is the first book in a five-book series written by a 16-year-old young lady, E.P. Spiegel from Arizona, USA.

Capfield is a fictional mystery/crime series for teens and young adults, written by a teen author. Set in the Arizona desert, this series follows the dangerous game of tag between Wanted serial killer, Robert Cage, and his vengeful son, Jet, who is determined to find him. This series will make you think, laugh, cry, and leave you wanting more!


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Sixteen year-old author E.P. Spiegel displays a skill in character/plot development and page-turning action that is a struggle for even many adult writers. Her amazing debut novel for young adults “Capfield: The Racketeer” is grammatically well-written with an intricate plotline, intriguing setting, and enjoyable characters.

The story introduces us to two boys: Jet Cage and Wesley Duke. Jet has been reported as missing to Wesley’s father, who is paid by Jet’s father (Robert Cage) to track him down. Almost a decade without any luck, young Wesley happens across Jet and sets forth on a mission to return him to their fathers. But as Wesley presses the matter, some grave revelations are made about Jet and his reason for running away.

At first determined to prove his capabilities to his gangster father, Wesley soon begins to question what side he is on when it becomes clear that Robert Cage’s reason for wanting his son is so that he may kill him. Along with a band of other oddballs, Wesley decides to aid Jet rather than turn him in. This sets in motion an even more intense chase and grim game of tag between fathers and sons.

There is a great balance of tragedy and humor as well as many twists, mysteries, and intriguing revelations. Every character is unique and interesting. It keeps the reader’s attention all the way through to the conclusion which only piques curiosity as to what will happen in the next installment. Definitely a must read thriller for young adults and fans of action, crime, mystery, and ever-increasingly intricate plots.

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~Sahreth ‘Baphy’ Bowden


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