“Naughty Haiku” by Abi Graham —BOOK REVIEW

About “Naughty Haiku” by Abi Graham::

Genre: Poetry, Romance, Erotica

“Some sinful haiku,
For naughty minds to enjoy,
Love and lust and sex.

A warning to you,
This is for adults only,
You have been fair warned!

Over 120 haiku with a theme of love, lust and sex. This collection contains scenes of a strong and graphic sexual nature.”


The haiku is a form of Japanese poetry formed by three lines; the first and last are made up of five syllables and the middle is made up of seven. While traditionally characterized by a reference to nature as well as two contrasting ideas/images, modern haiku is often simplified to mean any poem with the meter of five, seven, and five syllables, which is what we find in “Naughty Haiku.” Although it can be argued that the author used the division of love-centered haikus and lust-centered haikus in the book as a way of bringing that tradition of contrasting ideas into their work.

This book begins with poems about the experiences surrounding feelings of attraction and love and then escalates into the more intense situations that come from lust and physical expression. Overall, it is a well-written collection of poetry that offers both naughty and nice, romance and carnal pleasure. A beautiful work for lovers of the romantic, the erotic, and poetry in general.

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Abi Graham can be found on:
Twitter @AbiGraham3

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~Sahreth ‘Baphy’ Bowden


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