“Just a Minor Malfunction issue #1” by multiple authors —BOOK REVIEW

About “Just a Minor Malfunction issue #1:”

Genre: Short Story; Science Fiction; Speculative Fiction

“Just a Minor Malfunction… is a science fiction digital magazine featuring professionally-reviewed short stories from indie authors. It will be published twice or more per year. It is edited, reviewed, and published by Michael S. Alter.

Issue #1 features stories from 12 authors: Mark Brandon Allen, Michael S. Alter, Stephanie Barr, Scott Michael Decker, Simon Guy, R C Larlham, Anne McClane, Jim Melanson, Marc Rokoff, Louise Sorensen, Kyle Stiff, and Paul Vincent. Additional story review was provided by Mel McElveen and Louise Sorensen.””


This collection of scifi shorts brings together many talented writers who each share their own unique environment which gets the reader to really contemplate the depths of each scenario. Below are highlights of my favorite stories.

“Platinum Jungle Cat” by Louise Sorensen
Sorensen seems to have a gift at exposing a lot by saying very little. The story’s turn was unexpected and heartwarming in a strange way. The final revelations only magnified its purpose as the fate of these characters come full circle in a touching moment of eternal calm and certainty.

“The Embassy” by Michael S. Alter
As a person extremely interested in the mind and its disorders, this tale was extra intriguing. It follows the life of a dyslexic person, painting a terrifying picture of its easily devastating effects while making the reader wonder if there isn’t more to the disorder than we think.

“Guardian Angel” by Paul Vincent
An interesting and horrifying story about the advancement of technology, specifically artificial intelligence. It poses a philosophical debate as to what life and purpose are. Very creative and yet another good reason for my fear of AI and robots.

“Dreamer” by Kyle Stiff
This story could easily be called ‘mind-blowing.’ What is real? What is but an illusion of reality? A fantastic account of higher powers, evolution, and ascension. A tale interlaced between the supernatural and science.

“In The Cloud” by Simon Guy
A heartfelt tale of the importance of mortality. When presented with the possibility of eternal life on Earth through high-tech virtual avatars which keep the soul, is scientific immortality actually living or does death define one’s life?

These are just a few of the amazing stories found in “Just a Minor Malfunction” issue #1

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~Sahreth ‘Baphy’ Bowden


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