‘Of Stars And Bare Skin’ by Dawn Serbert —BOOK REVIEW

About ‘Of Stars And Bare Skin’ by Dawn Serbert::

Genre: Poetry

“A collection of poems which i have written for prompts on Twitter. Some dark, some of love, some of grief. All from the heart and mind of me..”


‘Of Stars And Bare Skin’ merits more than a casual read. The author’s imagery is beautiful and somehow haunting as they present many different aspects of the soul and mind. Each poem is incredibly thought-provoking. I found myself reading through once, then twice again to try unraveling a deeper message behind the words.

There is a sense of existentialism in each installment that gives the reader the feeling it came from a very specific place although it isn’t fully clear what that place is. This leaves the poetry to easily be interpreted in multiple ways, giving each unique member of the audience their own personal connection with an overlying feeling of their purpose and experience within the universe. I think it would be really interesting to read this book in a group and see what everyone drew from it themselves.

I personally left feeling oddly inspired and at peace with myself. Dawn Serbert touches on both positive and negative instances of the human experience as well as the experience of the spirit, from dark desperation to longing love. I absolutely adore prompts because my mind might see one scenario while another person’s mind goes entirely elsewhere.

‘Of Stars And Bare Skin,’ however, does not stop at the author’s individual thoughts of a single inspiring idea. It expands into an atmosphere that allows for numerous more ideas and meanings from the reader, fully embodying the lure of a prompt. A definite must-read for poetry addicts and philosophical minds alike.

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Dawn Serbert can be found on:
Twitter (@atreya2112)

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~Sahreth ‘Baphy’ Bowden


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