FREE BOOK!— ‘Borrowed Loyalty’ by Sahreth ‘Baphy’ Bowden

41qbQk1222L._SY346_‘Borrowed Loyalty: Visitor’s Blood book 2’ by Sahreth ‘Baphy’ Bowden

Genre: Science Fiction, Social Fiction, Vampire, Alien, First Contact, Space Opera

Download for FREE through August 31st, 2020!

Book 1 is an always free book here.

BOOK TWO IN THE VISITOR’S BLOOD SERIES- After being forced into hiding to protect their partners, Sulru and John must decide what course of action will get them back in proper standing with the rest of Galdelier. However, knowing the totalitarian government would rather end their existence, seeing them as a blight to the perfect society they have created, the two must face the very probable fact that they will never be reunited with their family.Meanwhile, Malook and Connie are equally as desperate to save their friends. Hope becomes strained, even lost when they must face forgetting their lovers and moving onward with the rest of the warring world. When the line between friend and foe is tested, where do your loyalties lie?

Download for FREE through August 31st, 2020!

Book 1 is an always free book here.

This is book 2 in my science fiction series ‘Visitor’s Blood.’ If you get a copy of either, I would really appreciate you leaving a review on Goodreads, Amazon, or even just sharing about it with friends. As an indie author, this helps tremendously not only with getting my work out there, but understanding what was good or bad about the story so that I can improve as a writer.

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