“Seasons of the Soul” by Nidhi Kaur— BOOK REVIEW

About ‘Seasons of the Soul’ by Nidhi Kaur::

Seasons of the Soul is a collection of mystical love poetry. The writing reflects the inner state of a soul as it emerges from a deep darkness of longing for love into a peaceful awakening. The poems have a mysterious aroma and an unprecedented passion that will captivate your heart and elevate your soul to savor the warmth of celestial bliss.

The poems are not just penned on the paper, but have been hand written on the petals of flowers, and leaves. This exquisite way of inner reflection is bound to invoke exorbitant joy, sorrow, love, and tranquility in your love-struck heart.

The images and sketches included in this book make it an exceptional visual delight and an extraordinary piece of art.


‘Seasons of the Soul’ is a collection of poetry and images that enraptures the reader with love. The author has not simply penned beautiful words, but included photography and art that brings those words to life further.

Even through the loneliness, doubt, and loss that comes with existence, the pure emotions of longing, connection, and peace are perfectly portrayed in every line, leaving the audience feeling inspired and hopeful. I’ll definitely be revisiting this poetry when I feel I am struggling with the positivity of life and love.

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You can find Nidhi Kaur on:
Twitter @nidhikaur_
Author Website

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~Sahreth ‘Baphy’ Bowden


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