‘Two Weeks on the Eastside’ by Kipe Lyan —BOOK REVIEW

About ‘Two Weeks on the Eastside’ by Kipe Lyan::

Genre: Short Story; Realistic Fiction; Contemporary Fiction; Dark

This is a play about a guy that loves a gal and what he does to try to keep her. There are two endings to this play about what happened after two weeks on the east side and how it impacted their relationship. One person’s happiness can be another person’s worst nightmare.

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Unlike the two other stories I’ve read from this author (‘Mina’s Period’ and ‘The Wedding’), ‘Two Weeks on the Eastside’ is written kind of like a screenplay. It makes it easier to follow than the other two (due to it being more than just dialogue/thoughts) and out of the three, is my favorite.

Fair warning that it can be quite triggering for those who have dealt with domestic abuse, namely a manipulative and mentally abusive significant other. Kipe Lyan does a great job at portraying just how messed up mental/emotional abuse can be. We tend to see those who beat their ‘loved ones’ as most horrible when mental scars can be just as bad or worse. The victim can find it incredibly difficult to reconcile that they are being mistreated because they aren’t being physically hurt and due to the whiplash of professed sentiments from their abuser.

Another great thing about this story is it comes with two different endings. One is the ‘bad’ ending while the other is not so much ‘good’ as it is simply better than the alternative.

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~Sahreth ‘Baphy’ Bowden


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