‘Three Halves of a Whole’ by M.E. Aster —BOOK REVIEW

About ‘Three Halves of a Whole’ by M.E. Aster::

Genre: Bisexual; Romance; Tragedy; Contemporary

“Andrew aspired to be that person that could fix everything, he wanted to save Riley from his doubts and fears…but he never quite knew how, and the passage of years hadn’t changed that.”
Andrew hasn’t spoken to his ex-boyfriend Riley in almost two years, until one fateful night when he receives a phone call from the other man that he finds himself unable to ignore.
What will happen when rules are broken and a relationship that Andrew thought had died is given a chance of rekindling?
Will things be different this time around…or will it all end in misery for a second time…

Restricting your romantic love to one person isn’t always easy or even possible. There are times even monogamous persons find themselves torn between multiple people because they truly love them both/all. I feel like the author has portrayed this wonderfully while keeping well within the lines of respect and loyalty rather than turning it into an account of cheating.

Andrew, the bisexual protagonist, has been suffering with conflicting emotions regarding his ex-boyfriend (Riley) for some time. When the story starts, we see him happily with his current girlfriend and desperately trying to forget about Riley and the heartbreak surrounding, but failing. When Riley drunk-calls Andrew one night out of the blue, everything comes to a head. Andrew wants to help Riley (although admitting he still loves him on equal footing as his current partner, he wishes to do so as a friend), but unfortunately it seems his ex may be past the point of help.

The story is a roller-coaster of emotion as Andrew struggles to make his romantic love absolute for one person alone. It’s refreshing to see how honest (as much as it pains him) with his girlfriend about what is going on with his ex and his continuing feelings for the despairing man, and likewise how supportive and understanding she is. Tragic, beautiful, and relatable, ‘Three Halves of a Whole’ is a love story you didn’t know you needed.

My only complaint is that there seems to be a lot of telling rather than showing. Most of the story is narrated as ‘this happened, then this happened’ rather than having these things unfold before the reader’s eyes. However, the story was so good, this could really be easily overlooked because the emotions were still intense even in this format.

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~Sahreth ‘Baphy’ Bowden


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