‘The Planet Baggers’ by C.D. Warhurst —BOOK REVIEW

About ‘The Planet Baggers’ by C.D. Warhurst::

Genre: Humor/Comedy; Science Fiction; Adventure

Imagine being abducted by aliens while you were weeding the garden.

Imagine the woman of your dreams being abducted too.

Imagine being whisked off on a joyride around the galaxy to discover strange new planets with even stranger inhabitants.

Well, stop imagining all that and read The Planet Baggers instead. It has all of that and more, including alien shoe shops and a vaguely scary monster. Space is a big place. Don’t you want to know what’s out there?

As much as I love drama, horror, and the like, I adore a writer who can make me laugh and ‘The Planet Baggers’ was an excellent shift from the more serious things I’ve been reading as of late. It was a fun journey through the cosmos with an odd group of beings who became friends under an equally odd set of circumstances. I found myself laughing far more than is good for myself, given that I have a habit of choking when I laugh (true story).

C.D. Warhurst has crafted a comedic tale that implements various techniques including dry humor, slapstick, puns, play on words, funny references/callbacks, breaking the fourth wall, awkward situations, curious ideas, and plain absurdity. As humans meet aliens who meet other aliens with the humans while pretending to be other aliens, hilarious high jinks ensue as they learn about various cultures, minds, and try to get used to the strange mannerisms and beliefs that different species have.

I have to admit I now want an Omigodian best friend with their habit of changing colors based on what they consume and their almost child-like innocence when it comes to observing the romance of their human counterparts. I also need a replicator asap, am fearful of meeting people who communicate only by singing since I have a horrible tune, and I have a strange new interest in shoes…

Normally, I’d say I would have liked more personal background information on the main characters, but in this setting, I very much appreciated that the author kept the focus on the present. It added to the lively atmosphere and makes the reader enjoy the ride rather than look to the past. The conclusion was also promising as for the future of the characters.

Side note: It wasn’t until I started reading parts aloud for my wife to enjoy as well that I realized many of the names were jokes in themselves. I’ll reveal one: Bawlzak. Hopefully it takes you less time to get it than the shameful amount it took me to.

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~Sahreth ‘Baphy’ Bowden


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