‘The Betrayal of Ka’ by Shea R. Oliver —BOOK REVIEW

About ‘The Betrayal of Kay’ (The Transprophetics Book 1) by Shea R. Oliver

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Genre: Science Fiction; Thriller

As the spaceship secretly lands on Earth, Ka’s mission is clear: find and kill Transprophetics. His shipmates think of him as a killer. On his home planet of Koranth, he is considered a murderer. Haunted in his dreams by the boy whose life he stole, Ka struggles to define who he really is.

A girl in a temple in Thailand. A boy kidnapped in Mexico. Both can do the impossible. Both can move objects with their minds. These two Transprophetics pose grave risks to the Donovackia Corporation as it plans its invasion of Earth.

With a blade in his hand, Ka’s decision to kill, or not, will reverberate across the galaxy.

This book dives right in and keeps going until the very end! It’s definitely an attention grabber that holds the reader’s interest throughout. Written in third person, the story shifts focus between three different sets of characters/experiences. They don’t initially appear to have much, if anything, in common and though it’s expected that they will turn out to be connected, the author gradually integrates these sets in a quite enthralling way.

Everything about this book is well-developed and delivered in a writing style free of information dumps that feel drawn out or rambling monologues. The author appears to have found a perfect balance of narrative vs dialogue vs action. Each line adds more depth, the atmospheres built wonderfully through the characters’ experiences rather overwhelming descriptions.

I immediately fell in love with Kadamba, one of the central characters for whom the book was named. It was so easy to get drawn in to him because though his experience is not necessarily typical, the emotions that went with were both relatable and sympathy-enducing. Having been through so much, part (or arguably all) of which was by his own grievous mistakes, and continuing to face outrageously unfair circumstances, his character is truly inspiring on many levels. But Kadamba wasn’t the only great character. Like I said, they were all well-developed, each with their own unique traits, experiences, and outlooks.

The story deals a lot with the corruption of legal systems, ranging from politics and government to judicial and criminal justice to the 1% and behind-the-curtain rich who control too much. Although each presented planet is unique to itself, it appears that these problems are universal. This is a social fiction aspect I’m particularly fond of and Shea Oliver did a beautiful job with outlining these issues within this scifi tale.

While it was a prevailing aspect, the story did not feel bogged down or preachy. Things were approached in a very casual way with the rest of the adventure adding much more than social comments or messages (perceived or otherwise). Another thing I loved was the integration of ‘supernatural’ abilities as part of human evolution.

I don’t like giving spoilers so I’ll just say the intricacy of the plot was extremely creative and totally fascinating. It is a story you’ll want to pay close attention to in order to unravel everything properly because there is a lot going on. Filled with adventure, tragedy, the will to overcome, and a big twist toward the conclusion, ‘The Betrayal of Ka’ is a book I’d highly recommend to all lovers of scifi.

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~Sahreth ‘Baphy’ Bowden


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