‘Shigatrus’ by Kerat Jhaj —BOOK REVIEW

About ‘Shigatrus (Himagusian Chronicles book 2)’ by Kerat Jhaj::

Genre: Dark Fantasy; Gothic; Horror; Young Adult

At this point, Kylie Lauder is just too used to all this confusion, horror and tragedies. After getting to leave the hospital, again, she’s in control of her own life, just not of her mind. Her heart still a wreck.

But the Locket still may have one more wish left to use right? And hasn’t that locket already bought people back from the dead and returned them to it? And you know what, maybe this earth just isn’t for Kylie anymore.

It’s also about time Emperor pays for all he’s done. Oh, that Sandrihagus showed her well of how the Emperor is ruining the lives of his own monsters. Yes, it really is time for justice, for change.
It’s time for Himagus to get it’s Shigatrus.

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Shigatrus sees us back on Earth with an emotionally wrecked Kylie, the memory of her adventures almost a fantasy, but not the strength they instilled in her. In a show of courage, she calls out her neglectful father and uses her locket for one final, heart-felt wish. Returning her alien friends to life should have been the happy ending. After a teary reunion however, drama quickly erupts with Kylie’s friends and lovers. They’re not too certain about their relationships or the new life purpose Kylie seems to have: save Himagus from its warring ways and make its leader pay.

In my review of the first book, I mentioned the reverse situation of making fantasy out of scifi aspects rather than the more well known path of making scientific beings out of fantasy creatures. In this sequel, this aspect is present, but a little less pronounced than in the first. The story’s focus is on revealing the histories and culture of the alien world; the personal accounts of its more notable citizens such as the princess Deathdena; and Kylie’s rallying of the world’s inhabitants to rebellion and a better way of life.

The underlying messages of the book are positive despite the violence, sadness, and dark scenes and themes. It’s nice to read something that is grim, yet still hopeful. I feel like the author has employed some heavier subject matter in a way that retains the fun, adventurous nature of the writing style. The topics of abuse, neglect, oppression, cold-hearted murder, and more are delivered in the voice of a teen suddenly saddled with the weight of the world.

Like the first, it remains unique to itself in an atmosphere where literally anything could happen- keeping readers from fully predicting anything- and fast paced with no down moments.Also like the first however, it remains a little difficult to follow at points (a bit unclear/rushed with some minor grammatical/formatting issues). Nevertheless, the important parts are relayed. The author is definitely creative and passionate and, having started writing this series at a young age, I am expecting only better stories in their future.

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