‘Savasana’s Kiss’ by RC Robbin —BOOK REVIEW

About ‘Savasana’s Kiss: A Yoga Love Story’ by RC Robbin::

Genre: Romance; Erotica

Sean is a handsome business executive, struggling with anxiety and seeking answers.

Alex is a beautiful yoga teacher, driven by the spiritual aspects of her craft.

When you finally meet your soulmate staring back at you…
Do you keep your vows?

Or do you break them?

Stretching the traditional boundaries of the romance genre, the novel deals with transcendent themes that relate to our very existence and what it truly means to be in love.

At its core, SAVASANA’S KISS is the story of two people on a path of self-discovery, searching for a deeper understanding of life and the universal spirit that resides in all of us.

Savasana’s Kiss is unlike any love story I’ve ever read. Rather than focus on the passion of the moment as most do, it transcends into the eternity of the soul. Instead of reiterating the need for acting in accordance with our short time here on Earth, it makes it clear that there is much more to life and love.

The complexities of the characters does well to play into this overarching theme. Sean and his wife are successful and wealthy business owners who go back and forth between seeming as though their relationship is happy and as though it is not. On the other side, Alex the yoga teacher appears to be in an entirely unpleasant partnership.

As the story goes on, we see that Sean and his wife are a great pair who do really care about the other and that the issues between Alex and her boyfriend stem from failure on both their parts to stay in love, both being to blame (perhaps even more to Alex’s fault) for their straying apart. While Sean’s part could easily be called a mid-life crisis, it is the horror of loss that leads to Alex’s predicament.

Of course, Sean and Alex begin to fall in love. Each battles in their own way with the validity of the arrangement, their ties and feelings to their current partners, and the morale decision on pursuing their relationship. It’s at this point that both begin to go through a sort of awakening. Visions, dreams, and new perspectives that just make their concerns more difficult and yet…more tantalizing.

This story is real and it has heart. I love how the author brought in the intricacies of life’s challenges when it comes to romance (especially falling for someone while still in love with someone else) and the existential questions we all have at eventually, if we are free-thinking enough (though the main idea is behind that of soulmates).

{Extra points for handling toxic masculinity, toxic femininity, and psychiatric problems.}

The way the spiritual aspects of the story can entertain persons of all walks is brilliant, given that yoga (as Alex points out in the book) is not for any one religion or spiritual path, but for everyone. I will not ruin the ending. I will say that it had me upset and at the same time, it was fulfilling, even hopeful, and perfect for what this story is meant to be.

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~Sahreth ‘Baphy’ Bowden


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