‘The Segmented Tail’ by Stanley Straub —BOOK REVIEW

About ‘The Segmented Tail’ by Stanley Straub::

Genre: Thriller; Scifi

The Segmented Tail is a gripping Science Fiction suspense thriller written in the vein of a Dean Koontz and Stephen King novel.  The story starts in the small fictitious town of Bounder, Arizona.  Creatures are seen that make screeching sounds and they scare and kill people in Bounder.  When people are murdered, two detectives are assigned to investigate.  The detectives fear for their lives as they get deeper and deeper into the investigation.  What they uncover is something that no one could ever have imagined, aliens created by two animal experts accidentally mixing up alien DNA with Dinosaur DNA.  The story winds its way from beginning to an exciting and unanticipated conclusion.


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Straub is back with another great scientific suspense thriller! In the style I am learning to be Straub’s unique signature, the reader finds themselves in a small area, a place unassuming yet something otherworldly is happening to its citizens.

It starts with the horrible discovery of a human, left as nothing but bones and some skin. A serial killer? A virus? A monster? Nobody is certain, but everyone is afraid, especially when children start dying in the same manner.

The style I mentioned is Straub’s straight-forward, fast-paced approach. He creates characters that are simple yet their interactions have us rooting for (or against) them. The plot is more complex. Just when you’re sure you know everything that is going on, another angle or bit of information is thrown at you which is one of the things I love most about the way he writes.

So without spoiling anything, I will say please check out this and any of Stanley Straub’s other stories for a great evening read!

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Stanley Straub can be found on:
Twitter @Renownedwriter
Author Website

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~Sahreth ‘Baphy’ Bowden


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