“Fallen Gods” by Quinn Buckland –BOOK REVIEW

About ‘Fallen Gods’ by Quinn Buckland::

“After a deal with Yahweh, the gods of Olympus, Egypt and Asgard have decided to live among the mortals, carving out a home and life for themselves.
A thousand years later Yahweh vanishes, bringing forth a frightening chain of events that puts archangels against the gods.
Now the gods are fighting for their lives against not only the archangels, but deals that were made a thousand years ago. Will the gods be able to survive, will they even be gods?”


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This book was incredible! I came across Quinn Buckland on happenstance as he reviewed a couple of books on his Youtube channel, one of which I have reviewed myself here. He mentioned his books and I bought both because I enjoyed is insight and the way he expressed his thoughts in the videos. ‘The Engine What Runs the World’ is the other which I will get to soon.

Fallen Gods is incredibly unique and an expertly woven tale of philosophical adventure, historical fact, spiritual conjecture, action, and humor. The story begins with your run of the mill journalist who strikes a timeless interview with none other than the Goddess Athena. She tells the mortal about the fall and coming rise of the old gods and that of Yawheh, the Abrahamic God of Christianity and Judaism.

While a lot of the story is told through Athena’s flashbacks, much of it is presently happen so there is no ‘safe space’ in the reader’s mind of what the outcome will be. Buckland tackles a lot of philosophical thought and challenges religious beliefs and moral codes along the way. As someone who enjoys doing the same things in my own stories, I found the flawless way in which he presented these things absolutely fantastic.

The book is currently only $1 which for the content you get, is nothing at all. My wife is reading it and we’ve gifted the book to 2 friends as well. I definitely urge you to check it out.

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~Sahreth ‘Baphy’ Bowden


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