“The Inverted Mirror” by Vivian Noir —BOOK REVIEW

About “The Inverted Mirror: A Collection of Tiny Tales of Terror” by Vivian Noir::

“A macabre, bite sized collection of tasty horror treats. The stories, presented in the tiniest micro-fictions all the way up to meatier short stories, all procured especially for the discerning horror fan’s palate. Classic scares to new nightmares, you will find it all here… so step past the looking glass and enter the world of The Inverted Mirror, if you dare!”


So I have a lot of comments and thoughts about this book, but given that it’s a collection of short stories, I can’t really say too much without risking spoiling them. Suffice it to say: wow. The stories are all varying lengths; some aren’t more than a paragraph long while others are much longer. Regardless of how many words there are, the author is able to weave terror into each tale.

My grandparents used to say that sometimes leaving things to the imagination is more horrifying than actually showing every detail. Vivian Noir certainly achieves this with her shorter tales while the longer stories are equally as chilling. But it’s more than that too. Every story is unique and really sets the reader to thinking. It’s really easy to get sucked into the creepy atmosphere of the character’s experiences and feel as they feel.

This was definitely an excellent pick for getting in the Halloween mood, but horror lovers are going to love this one no matter what the season.

You can buy the ebook here.

You can buy the paperback here.

Vivian Noir can be found on:
Twitter @AuthorNoir
Instagram @the_noir_grimoire


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~Sahreth ‘Baphy’ Bowden


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