“Death Echo Vol. 1” by Sebastyan Smith —BOOK REVIEW

About “Death Echo Vol. 1” by Sebastyan Smith::

“A man haunted by his past returns to the place where all his troubles began whilst a father sits by the bed of his terminal daughter. Light and Darkness battle in a crystal tower and on a lonely beach at midnight a grieving old man meets a suicidal young boy.

This is Death Echo.

Death Echo: Volume One is the first in a series of collections of short stories all dealing with the broad and complex subject of death. Each story offers a unique perspective with which to view loss and bereavement, be it on a personal level, or even death on a planetary scale. Every death has an echo.”


When it comes to short stories, this is EXACTLY the kind of thing I yearn for. Not only does each work in this collection have an incredibly well-built atmosphere, they each have a different perspective on death and what lies beyond.

The complex theories surrounding death are presented in uniquely written perspectives: some dealing with what we know as humans, others involving beings barely within our realm of comprehension. The intense emotions of “Death Echo” puts the reader directly into the characters’ experience while the various approaches has the philosophical part of the brain working in full.

If you’re a lover of psychological thrillers, supernatural theory, or simply like stories that make you think, definitely check out “Death Echo.”

You can buy the ebook here (or read free on Kindle Unlimited).

You can buy the paperback here.


You can find author Sebastyan Smith on:
Twitter @Sebastyan_Smith
Facebook @SebastyanAJSmith
Personal Website


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~Sahreth ‘Baphy’ Bowden


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