“Ghostly 1” by Luke Tebb —BOOK REVIEW

About “Ghostly 1” by Luke Tebb::

“Jason has an ability which, as far as he knows, is unique to him – he can see ghosts. Nobody, not even his family, believe him.

When he comes across a team of ghost hunters who are successful in their missions, Jason soon realises that he’s not the only one. They offer him to chance to join the team and leave his current life behind.

Jason’s new life comes with a price. There’s someone out there who wants to find the team, someone very dangerous…”


As most know by now, I’m a sucker for creativity. Lesser known fact: I like ghost hunting shows. That being said, generally all of them that I read/watch approach it in the same way. It can get a little monotonous. However, Luke Tebb brings an interesting new perspective to ghost hunting in “Ghostly.”

The main character (Jason) is well developed. He’s introduced as a young student (I’m gathering probably high school age) who, after learning of his clairvoyant gift, becomes somewhat estranged from his peers and his family. He’s bullied at school and even feels second best to his sister who is both talented and smart where all he feels he has to offer is an ability absolutely nobody believes he has.

He eventually happens across others like him: a paranormal investigation team that works not for fame or fortune, but simply to help wayward spirits and the living affected by them. They are the first ones to believe in his gift and extend an invitation to join them. The only problem? He must leave his old life behind permanently which includes his sister, parents, and best friend- all of whom truly love and care for him.

Well, maybe it isn’t the ONLY problem. There’s also the matter of a power hungry and evil man who has set his sights on obtaining the secret knowledge and abilities of the ghost hunters. Those are really all the details I can share without giving too much away, but there is plenty of tragedy and joy, adventure and fantasy, and interesting new turns and ideas in this story.

It is a fast paced and quick read so may not seem chock full of details, but the author does a great job focusing on all the right points to properly create the atmosphere and keep the audience engaged. I definitely recommend it to lovers of the paranormal, young adults, or anyone who appreciates a fresh take on things.

You can buy the ebook here.

Author Luke Tebb can be found on:
Twitter @TebbLuke


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~Sahreth ‘Baphy’ Bowden


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